Процес реорганізації адміністрування українського домену верхнього рівня .UA   Reforming .UA - Ukrainian Top Level Domain Name administration


Архив UANIC WG, листопад 2003 року

N 727/19-01

Лист до RIPE NCC
(to Mr. Axel Pawlik, General Manager RIPE NCC)

Mr. Axel Pawlik
General Manager
P.O. Box 10096
1001 EB Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Dear Mr. Pawlik !

With this letter we want to inform you about the processes in Ukraine related to the reformation of .UA ccTLD and related Decree No 447 at 22 July 2003 of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

The Decree completes and summarises the long process of the .UA ccTLD reformation in Ukraine in accordance to the international practice and GAC Principles of ICANN. This process was started in 2000 and passed long way of consultations with the Ukrainian Internet community. The process was building consensus between all interested and willing to cooperate parties. The process was being coordinated by UANIC Work Group and completely covered by the UANIC WG website http://www.ua-nic.net/ (mostly in Ukrainian). This site also contains some copies of documents and Internet-references to all related documents. You can find the Ukrainian and approved English versions of the Decree No 447 and official letter from the Ukrainian Government to ICANN at 20 September 2003 by these adresses:

With this letter we want also to explain the position of the Ukrainian Government in respect to issues raised in the letters to RIPE NCC from some Ukrainian ISP/LIR's dated by August 2003.

In our opinion the concern expressed in these letters doesn't have any real background and this action itself represents another attempt by some people and organisations to interfere the process of the .UA ccTLD reformation by wrong interpretation of the meaning and goal of the Decree.

We appreciate your answer to these letters but want to express our concern that your answer was presented to the Ukrainian Internet community incorrectly by some Internet media in Ukraine.

We can confirm that the intended subject of the Governmental Decree is the reformation of the .UA ccTLD administration in accordance to the international practice and GAC Principles of ICANN. In the same way, we don't have any intentions to act in contradiction to the existing international practice and principles in IP address distribution where we recognise the solely responsibility of the RIPE NCC as a Regional Internet Registry (RIR). However, the Decree designates the new enterprise UANIC to be the entity representing the position and interests of the Ukrainian Government, which you can contact for issues related to the Governmental level of competence, if it will be necessary. In all other cases we don't have intentions to limit or interfere existing or future relations or contracts between RIPE NCC and Ukrainian ISP's/LIR's.

We can also assure you that no actions related to the competence of RIPE NCC as RIR will be undertaken by Ukrainian Government or UANIC enterprise without prior consultation with the Ukrainian Internet community and RIPE NCC.

We hope all above explains our position and goals and will create a good basis for future contacts between UANIC enterprise and RIPE NCC, which we would like to establish at the first opportunity. We are also looking forward to the planned RIPE NCC Regional Meeting for the former Soviet Union region and will be ready to contribute to its organisation and success.

We are ready to provide to you any additional information regarding the subject of the Governmental Decree No 447 or ongoing processes in Ukraine.

For any future communications please contact me by e-mail: nav@stc.gov.ua or Mr. Yuriy Honcharuk, Director of UANIC enterprise by e-mail: ceo@ua-nic.net.

This letter is e-mailed to You also.

Sincerely Yours,
Olexandr Nesterenko,
Head of Department
of Informatization Infrastructure
and Internet Development



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