Процес реорганізації адміністрування українського домену верхнього рівня .UA   Reforming .UA - Ukrainian Top Level Domain Name administration


UANIC WG, 26 december, 2001

Of the Association of the Ukraine's Internet market's participants

The Association of the Ukraine's Internet market's participants (UIMPA), the constituent congress of which took place on the 21st of December, 2000, and which expresses interests of the enterprises from 17 regions of the Ukraine, can not remain indifferent to the problems connected with the development of the Internet in the Ukraine and questions of administration of so important public resource as domain. UA.

We have to establish with regret that last year the present domain's administration not taking seriously the opinion of the Internet community into consideration repeatedly allowed one-way actions to change the existing order. Our reaction to these actions resulted in the letter addressed to the administrator of the domain .UA Dmitry Kohmanyuk (June, 2001). Having agreed with the accuracy of the facts submitted in the letter, Dmitry Kohmanyuk, however, concludes a contract with "Hostmaster" ltd. without consent of the Internet community, the interests of the part of which are represented by UIMPA.

The Association carried on negotiations with the representatives of the present administration in the Ukraine - "Hostmaster" ltd. repeatedly pointing out to the inadmissibility of volunteer actions in reorganizing the system of administering the domain. The last round took place in September, 2001. The present administration takes non-constructive position in the course of talks and continues to break the stability of functioning the domain names' system. At that the statements about supposedly full support by the Internet community the domain administration's actions, in our opinion, don't stand up to any criticism.

So, for example, violating the principles of equality of all market's participants during a long period of time the present administration groundlessly refuses the signing of the contract with the firm "DMedia™", and recently established PE "Koordinator" without observing the necessary procedure of negotiating with the Internet community announces the changes in the order of administering the geographical domains of Donetsk, Lugansk, and Kharkov.

Such actions of the present administration of the domain .UA which administers the public resource, in our opinion, are intolerable.

In connection with the above-said our Association appeals to the administrator of the domain of higher level Dmitry Kohmanyuk with the demand to suspend the actions of delegated by him powers of "Hostmaster" ltd. with the purpose of elaborating the procedure of making changes in the existing order of administering. The Association considers that delegating the rights of administering to separate enterprises and also to naturals persons must be carried out on a competitive basis attracting both professional associations and other representatives of the Internet community.

We are also appealing to all public organizations and associations expressing interests of the Internet community with the request to support our statement and take an active part in the current process of forming democratic and transparent order of administering the domain .UA most fully taking into account our common interests.

December 25, 2001
Chairman of the board of directors of UIMPA Synyavsky К.S

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